I'm a teacher/administrator looking to purchase Crams for my students.

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Looking to purchase Crams for your students?

  • If you look on the top of your screen you should see a bar that lists AP Subjects, Products, and Support. If you are wanting to purchase Cram items for specific AP classes hover your mouse over AP Subjects and select the class you would like.

  • Now choose the specific item(s) you would like to purchase, and the quantity. Now click Add To Cart.

  • Done shopping? Click View Cart.

  • Once you are brought to your Cart, you have three options to choose from regarding who is purchasing the Cram items. Select I'm an educator/administrator. Now select I'm purchasing for multiple students and/or classrooms.

  • Lastly, click Check Out and enter your contact and billing information.

Still confused on how to purchase Crams for your students? Check out this quick video:

If you have any other questions about purchasing a large number of Crams, reach out to hi@fiveable.me for any fulfillment questions.

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